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Feb 16 2012

Tying the Clear Cure Goo Rainbow Trout

The weather is warming up, and there have been reports of warmwater species being more active in the river.

Oh boy!

This is a pattern that will imitate the most abundant food source in our general area; the fingerling trout.

Trout will eat it. Bass will it. I would eat it if I was a fish…

You will catch big(ger)  fish using a pattern like this.

This is a tube fly that uses the Clear Clear Cure Goo to build up the head of the fly. It cures clear to the core in 3-5 seconds. Does not yellow with time or heat and is very impact resistant- We have yet to get any reports about shattering to cracks.

This tube fly imitates a Rainbow Trout Juvenile. Change the colors and you could make it imitate any baitfish you like.

This Clear Cure Goo Rainbow Trout was developed for taking Freshwater Stripers that where added to many of the deep lakes in the south and the spillways below dams that hold freshwater stripers. They often feed on stocked rainbow plants.

Fast, Easy and Effective.

  • Tying a Clear Cure Goo Rainbow Trout

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