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Jan 02 2012

Tying an Egg Pattern

From Gink and Gasoline:

Sometimes in fly tying it’s the little things that really make a difference in the quality of your finished fly patterns. When I first started fly tying I always hated the look of my egg patterns because I could always see my thread down the center of my finished eggs or they wouldn’t end up symetrical. They caught fish but they weren’t as pretty as the egg patterns in the fly shops and it used to drive me crazy. Since then I’ve adopted using a really cool fly tying tool called an Egg Yarn Dispenser . It allows me to tie my egg patterns super quick and I get true consistency from one fly to the next. Watch this quick fly tying video of me tying my chronic egg pattern. Hopefully you’ll pick up a couple tips to improve your own egg patterns.

  • Tying an Egg Pattern

From Gink and Gasoline:

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