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Feb 27 2012

Tying a Spent Partridge Caddis

It’s that time of year again; the caddis have started to hatch.

Here is a dry fly that will make everyone around you jealous.

Spent Partridge Caddis: 

Spent Partridge Caddis

Hook: TMC 100, #12 –20
Thread: Flymaster, 6/0, olive or tan
Body: fur or poly dubbing, olive or tan
Wing: Partridge feather, brown, use two (2) feathers for #14 or larger, single feather for #16’s or smaller
Hackle: cock hackles, (1) grizzley and (1) brown
Thorax: couple strands of peacock herl, just a couple of turns
Note: Clip off hackles top and bottom so fly lays flat on water surface.


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