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Feb 13 2012

Tying a Rolex Streamer

From Slowstreamer

This is a great pattern for the murky muddy water conditions we have right now since it is pretty much all FLASH.

Hook – shown on #8 TMC 5263 2x heavy, 3x long, but any streamer hook size 4-10, 2x to 4x long.
Thread – Tan or gray 70 Denier or 6/0 Uni
Eyes – X-small dumbs in the color of your choice
Body – Sivler, Gold, or green Flash. I used Kreinik Metalic Flash in a tube cause it has some re-inforcing threads and it bulks up.
Head – Thread with SHAN

Below I’m going to break down the steps for a variation of the above in Gold and green Flash

Debarb if you wish and mount hook. put down a small thread base approx a dumbell length back from the eye.

Place Dumbell on top and tie down using a figure 8 wrap technique until it is secure and does not move freely. Wrap thread back to the barb / hook point.

Take a clump of Flash and tie down and wrap thread forward to back of the eyes. I then trim off excess giving you a tail length of hook or slightly shorter. I think I cut this one a little short but it’ll still work.

Wrap the thread to just front of the eye. Take a clump of the flash you used for the taill and lay it down in front of the eyes across the hook eye.

Tip. I let extra hang over the hook eye put a couple wraps of thread around the flash, pull it back towrad the tail till it is no longer covering up the hook eye and secure it down with additional thread wraps.

Once the flash in front of the eyes is secured, take the thread from under the hook and eyesy and put a couple thread wraps to secure the flash behind the eyes.

Trim the length of the flash to about the end curve of the hook.

Now flip your fly upside down, this is where a rotary vise comes in very handy.

Wrap thread to the front of the eyes again without crossing over the top of the eyes so thread does not cover flash laying over top of eyes.

Take your second color of Flash and like you did for the flash you tied on top tie on the bottom in from of the eyes. Note you will not tie this bunch behind the eyes, just in front of.

Once you have it secured, take the thread and form a nice thread head and whip finish.

Trim this flash to same length as the top portion.

Coat head with Shan or other head cement and your done.

You can tie them in different flash colors and lengths to meet your needs.

Tight Lines !

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