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Feb 15 2012

Tying a Morrish Mouse

Morrish Mouse

HOOK: #4 Tiemco 5263.
THREAD: Black 3/0.
TAIL: Brown rabbit strip trimmed to end tuft.
BACK: Black closed-cell foam trimmed into a long taper at the rear.
BODY: Spun dark cow elk or suitable alternative hair, trimmed.

Morrish Mouse Step 1

Attach the thread to the rear of the hook. Tie in the rabbit-strip tail, and then add the narrow end of the trimmed foam.

Morrish Mouse Step 2

Hand stack the elk hair, and clean and trim the butts. Tie in the hair with the tips toward the back. Flare the hair and spin it tightly. Repeat this process with four to six more bunches.

Morrish Mouse Step 3

Comb and press the hair out to the sides, and part the hair along the top of the hook shank. Use scissors to trim along the top to clear a platform for the foam back.

Morrish Mouse Step 4

Pull the foam forward and tie it down at the head of the fly. Whip-finish in front of the foam. Trim the foam, leaving roughly 1/3″ facing forward for the skating lip. Comb the hair out to the sides.

Morrish Mouse Step 5

Use a double-edge razor blade to trim and flatten the elk hair from the belly of the fly.

Morrish Mouse Step 6

Note: Morrish opposes the use of stinger-style hooks for trout fishing. The narrow gap on this pattern is by design, and will greatly reduce mortality. Please only fish this pattern barbless.

  • Tying a Moorish Mouse

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