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Feb 14 2012

Covering a hatch starts with carrying the right flies

From Kent Klewein at Gink & Gasoline:

Example of me covering a hatch with multiple fly patterns on hand (BWO Hatch). Photo By: Louis Cahill
Have you ever been standing in the river watching a big hatch unfolding with rising fish all around you, but for some reason you can’t get the … (Continue Reading)

Feb 14 2012

Why I love streamers

We often think of streamer fishing as a last resort when nothing else is working. But the opposite is true; streamers can be one of the most effective flies to use.  A good streamer fisherman can often light up the river.

This is a video of a trout inhaling a streamer on a flyfishing trip … (Continue Reading)

Feb 13 2012

Tying a Rolex Streamer

From Slowstreamer

This is a great pattern for the murky muddy water conditions we have right now since it is pretty much all FLASH.

Hook – shown on #8 TMC 5263 2x heavy, 3x long, but any streamer hook size 4-10, 2x to 4x long.
Thread – Tan or gray 70 Denier or 6/0 Uni
Eyes – X-small … (Continue Reading)

Feb 09 2012

Tying an Elk Hair Caddis

Unlike mayflies, adult caddis are not especially vulnerable to trout when they first hatch. However, they are long-lived (compared to mayflies), and often fall or are blown onto the river. So adult imitations work well any time of year caddis are hatching.

The Elk Hair Caddis is THE standard … (Continue Reading)

Feb 09 2012

Life and Times of a Caddis Fly

This article was written by Raif Killips on Fly Fisher’s Republic. This is a very informative and well written piece. He has a lot more great editorial content, so feel free to click on his name to read his other articles. Hope you enjoy!

Article source here.

Video of the “Life and Times … (Continue Reading)

Feb 08 2012

Know Your Baetis

You’re at the Delayed Harvest, and you see the fish rising. You try every single dry in your box, but you still fail to catch a fish. You leave frustrated.

Here’s a hint: Know your Baetis.

Baetis mayflies are an extremely widespread genus. Several species are multi-brooded and may … (Continue Reading)

Feb 07 2012

Single Wing Flatwing

This line of roosters has been carefully selected over many generations to grow long saddle feathers with web. They are wider than dry fly saddle hackle and the fibers are softer.

The bright colors are perfect for tying flatwing fly patterns. The stems are strong and these webby feather … (Continue Reading)

Feb 06 2012

How to subscribe to RSS Feeds

In order to subscribe to an RSS feed or newsfeed you will need two things, an RSS reader (also known as a news aggregator) and url (web address) of the RSS feed that you wish to subscribe.

Download a News Aggregator / RSS Reader
Locate the web address (url) of the RSS feed (XML file) … (Continue Reading)

Feb 03 2012

Fly Tying Tutorials – Master Index


Fly tying is the process of producing an artificial fly to be used by anglers to catch fish via means of fly fishing. Probably the most concise description of fly tying is the one by Helen Shaw, a preeminent American professional fly tyer in Fly-Tying.
“Fly-tying is a simple … (Continue Reading)

Jan 20 2012

Shrimp Boil is another success

Hard to believe but this has been going on for 37 years. Make sure you thank Thom Underwood for coordinating this as he has for the past several years. Thanks also to all those that donated items as well as those that purchased. For those that bought fishing trips just remember, I’m your … (Continue Reading)